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(Shayla and Joey Leopardi)
  Leopardi's Leo-Lures is a small business from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. We specialize in making some of the highest quality Handmade Cedar Musky Lures on the market. We also make great heavy duty musky leaders. Leo-Lures are not mass produced --this ensures the highest quality and detailed lures you will ever use. The extra time that we put into our lures will definitely be noticed once you see a Leo-Lure.

Some of the differences between Leo-Lures and our competitors is that we make all of our lures from Cedar. Our paint jobs are very detailed and have a heavy clear coat for extra shine and added durability. We countersink reflective 3D Lure Eyes in all our lures. Leo-Lures crankbaits have the strongest stainless diving lips so you can crank or troll them over the roughest bottoms without breaking the lip. Each lip is hand-polished to provide a quality shine. Most of the hardware used is stainless and is the strongest available. All of our crankbaits are tuned for the High-Speed trollers!

Leo-Lure Jerkbaits are all weighted for easy diving and the front screws are epoxy-embedded for added strength. The split rings that we use on our jerkbaits are triple wrap split rings, ensuring no musky can ever spring them open.

We do paint custom colors but generally require that you send us a sample lure to refer to. Colors and patterns will be painted as close as possible to your sample, but we cannot guarantee that they match exactly.

Please check out each of our lures and colors. I hope to see you using a Leo-Lure! Please send us any photos of fish that you catch on our lures. We may even use them in our photo section. Our "New Items" section is a great place to routinely look for new colors and styles.

Todd Leopardi

(Shayla and Todd Leopardi
with her first musky)